About Sasamans

Vision Statement:

Strengthening “Our Children” and families, in a community-driven and culturally-appropriate manner.

Our Mission:

In pursuit of our Vision, the Sasamans Society will respectfully:

  • Appreciate and nurture the strengths and capacities of our people
  • Communicate and engage, openly and on an ongoing basis
  • Honour our traditions, customs and beliefs
  • Involve the voices of our children and the wisdom of our Elders
  • Learn from one another
  • Dedicate ourselves to achieving our short and long-term goals


  • Every child needs someone to believe in them
  • Children & families have the right to be heard
  • All famillies do the best with what they have
  • Every child and their families have gifts and strengths
  • Every child deserves to be loved
  • Parents must start taking responsibility
  • Families must start taking responsibility
  • Children & their families need someone to trust


  • Children are our reason for living
  • Children are sacred
  • Children need a safe loving environment
  • Children have to be safe
  • Children belong with their family
  • Children have the right to be children
  • Children have the right to be respected
  • We are here to hold a sacred space for our children and families

Society Overview

Sasamans Society’s vision is to strengthen our children and families in a community-driven and culturally-appropriate manner. In the kwak’wala language, sasamans means “our children”; the society’s name reflects our intention to listen, acknowledge and honour the voices of the communities that we serve. Sasamans is supported and guided by the board of directors (BOD), comprised of 16 community representatives from our partnering communities and organizations.

Sasamans is funded through Ministry of Children & Family Development under the Indigenous Approach to co-develop creative traditional service delivery models that meets the needs of our communities. The work undertaken by Sasamans is designed to identify the gaps in service and complement the aboriginal urban agencies and/or first nations bands.

We measure our accomplishments by the success we achieve in balancing our limited resources with the needs of the communities we serve. We do this by identifying high priority COMMON needs across our various communities.

Follow Us!

Sasamans Society

680 Head Start Crescent

Campbell River, BC

V9H 1P9


Main line: 250.914.2212

Toll-free: 888.597.2810

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