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We Wai Kai Nation


Cape Mudge Population

Ages Totals Male Female
0-6 4 3 1
7-11 4 2 2
12-17 6 3 3
18-24 10 4 6
25-34 21 14 7
35-55 37 21 16
56-64 24 12 12
65+ 22 11 11
Quinsam Population

Ages Totals Male Female
0-6 15 9 5
7-11 10 7 3
12-17 18 9 9
18-24 23 16 7
25-34 31 19 12
35-55 58 33 25
56-64 25 16 9
65+ 25 9 16


Cape Mudge Office
P.O. Box 220 Quathiaski Cove, BC  V0P 1N0


Quinsam Office 

690 Headstart Crescent, Campbell River, BC V9H 1P9


Telephone: (250) 285-3316
Toll – Free: 1-877-915-5533
Fax: (250) 285-2400

Telephone: (250) 914-1890
Fax: (250) 914-1891

We Wai Kai Nation

The people of the We Wai Kai Nation live in (2) local communities, Cape Mudge Village and Quinsam Reserve.

In the Salish language Quinsam means “resting place”.

Quathiaski Cove

We Wai Kai Nation

The people of the We Wai Kai Nation live in (2) local communities, Cape Mudge Village and Quinsam Reserve.

Cape Mudge Village is located on the south-west coast of Quadra Island. At Cape Mudge you will find the original Band Administration office, a recreation hall, Cape Mudge boat works, a wharf, cemetery, church, park, community garden and swimming pool. Points of interest are the Nuyumbalees Cultural Center, TsaKwaLuten Lodge, and the ancient petroglyphs found on the shores of the waterfront village.

Quinsam Reserve is located in north-western Campbell River on the central east coast of Vancouver Island. In the Salish language Quinsam means “resting place”. In 2007 the Quinsam Centre opened and is the main location for community activities. It is located near the Quinsam Crossing Intersection and houses a gymnasium, kitchen, board room, and office spaces.

Quinsam Reserve is also home to a Head Start Pre-school Program, Band Administration Offices, a learning center and a soccer field. The Band Administration Offices service Cape Mudge and Quinsam reserves.

The We Wai Kai Nation has an on-reserve member population of approximately 128  at Cape Mudge Reserve and another 205  at the Quinsam Reserve.

The We Wai Kai Nation offers its community support through Social Development, Educational Development, Membership, and Housing programs. Social Development assists by providing Youth and Elder programs, the Adult in Home Care program, Liaison with the Ministry of Children & Family Development, and Income Assistance. While Educational Development focuses on providing funding for post-secondary education, funding for occupational skills training, and Headstart programming.

Recognizing that children are our most valuable resource, We Wai Kai offers a Headstart program in both communities. The We Wai Kai Nation Cape Mudge Band Headstart Program is offered at Quinsam and the We Wai Kai Preschool Daycare Headstart Program is offered at Cape Mudge. Cape Mudge differs in that it offers daycare within the program. There are six (6) components to the program: culture and language, education, health promotion, nutrition, parent & family involvement and social support.  The program is a warm, accepting, and caring environment for both children and their families and offers morning, all day, and afternoon programs. In both communities a Headstart Outreach program is provided for families with children ages 0-36 months. This includes weekly play groups, a mobile resource library, home visits and the engagement of children, parents and families in activities that encourage involvement in activities, nutrition, and skills that promote healthy lifestyles.

At Cape Mudge and Quinsam Reserves the Kwakiutl District Council (KDC) Health offers services to community members from the following health representatives: Community Health Rep (CHR); Community Health & Homecare Nurse (CHHN); Home & Community Care Coordinator; Arthritis Coordinator; Critical Incident Stress Response Coordinator and Community wellness Worker. In addition to offices for health staff there is an exercise room, infrared sauna and kitchen for community meals.

Sasamans Society

680 Head Start Crescent

Campbell River, BC

V9W 1P9


Main line: 250.914.2212

Toll-free: 888.597.2810

(see direct extensions on the staff directory page)